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Progressive Lenses

Varilux® Lenses

Varilux® X 4D, Varilux® X Fit, Varilux® X Design, Varilux® S 4D, Varilux® S Fit, Varilux® S Design, Varilux® Physio® W3+, Varilux Physio DRx™, Varilux Physio Short DRx™, Varilux Physio®, Varilux Physio Short, Varilux®  Comfort Max,   Varilux Comfort® W2+, Varilux Comfort DRx™, Varilux Comfort Short DRx™, Varilux Comfort®, Varilux Comfort Short™

Essilor Lenses

Definity® 3 Plus, Definity® 3, Definity® 2, Definity®, Definity Short™, Accolade®, Accolade Freedom™, Ovation® Digital, Natural Digital, Adaptar® Digital, Smallfit® Digital

Shamir® Lenses

Shamir Autograph Intelligence™, Shamir Autograph® III, Shamir Autograph® II, Shamir Autograph® II – Office, Shamir Autograph® II – Attitude, Shamir Computer™, Shamir Workspace™, Shamir Duo™, Shamir Relax™, Shamir InTouch™, Shamir Spectrum+™, Shamir Element™, Shamir FirstPAL™, Shamir Genesis HD™, Shamir Golf™, Shamir Attitude® III – Fashion, Shamir Attitude® III – Sport

No-Glare (Anti-Reflective) Lenses

Crizal® Lenses

Crizal Easy UV™, Crizal Alizé UV™, Crizal Avancé UV™, Crizal Sapphire® 360° UV, Crizal® Prevencia®, Crizal Kids UV™


Easy Clean Plus (ECP), Super Surpass

iCoat Company

Fusion 5, Top It, Vivix, Stainless with LUV, Aura, Indigo

Photochromic / Adaptive Lenses

Transitions Signature® Gen 8®, Transitions® XTRActive®, Transitions® Vantage®, Transitions® Signature® Style Colors, Transitions® XTRActive® Style Mirrors, Drivewear®, LifeRX

Polarized Lenses

Xperio UV™, NuPolar, Coppertone

Lens Materials

Plastic 1.50, Polycarbonate, Trivex, High-Index 1.60, High Index 1.67, High Index 1.74, Glass


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