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Looking for a lab that understands your needs? One that treats you like more than just the next prospect on a list?

At Vision Craft we care about your business…and your softball team…and your kid’s soccer team. We have many long-term customers that we know very well…and, if you aren’t already working with us, we would like for you to be a long-term customer too.

Our customers appreciate that our strength as a lab allows us to keep pace with technology and carry the finest products available. They also appreciate that our independent ownership allows us to recommend products and services that match their needs rather than those of a parent company or buying group.

Our management staff’s depth of experience in the wholesale optical industry along with a swift and capable customer service department ensure that our customers’ needs are addressed thoroughly and accurately the first time.

Virtually non-existent error rates and blazing turnaround times prove the expertise and dedication of every one of our employees. 

We welcome and encourage inquiries from any of the three “O’s” that feel they can benefit from the quality, experience, and service that only Vision Craft, Inc. can provide. Please call us today at 800.733.3937.